Hopefully this isn’t just a rumor.

Pssst…. Brittany Snow is returning to television!

In December, Star exclusively reported that a Gossip Girl spin-off was in the works focusing on Lily van der Woodsen’s scandalous teen years growing up in 1980s Los Angeles. Now we can be the first to tell you that the American Dreams actress has been cast in the lead role.

“Brittany is thrilled,” a friend of the actress tells Star. “She loves the original show and thinks the 1980’s concept sets the spin-off apart from other series on television. She can’t wait to wear all the fabulous outfits and really sink her teeth into the role.”

Brittany — who has also appeared in movies including Hairspray and John Tucker Must Die — was the top choice for producers, who thought she would be the perfect choice to for the part of young Lily, played on Gossip Girl by Kelly Rutherford. Although the deal has not yet been finalized, they made Brittany a terrific offer in early February without having her audition, reveals the friend.

“Brittany always thought she was going to continue her career in films,” continues the insider. “But this is a marvelous part and she just couldn’t say no. This has the potential to be a huge show in the tradition of Melrose Place.”

The pilot will air on May 11 as a Gossip Girl episode.

I’m soooo excited!! I was hoping Brittany would do another tv show. I loved her on American Dreams & I can’t wait to see her weekly on tv again! Go Britt!

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  1. I hate GG but will surf here for caps.
    Do you know when you’ll have those Vicious Kind videos up and just to let you know “Streak” that mini-movie thing she did that was done by Demi Moore is up for free on iTunes!

  2. Yeah she has announced that she’s going to be in the show and she said she’s excited! She dyed her hair back btw… She partyied to night at TAO for her birthday with Jessica Stroup 🙂 Can’t wait you to add the photos!! :))

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