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8 Responses to “Fashion Week Pictures + Others”

alyssa Says:
February 24th, 2009 at 6:56 am

thanks for the new updates……I’m just curious,,,who’s the guy in the picture with Brittany? on the Oscar’s after parties?

Ciara Says:
February 24th, 2009 at 10:40 am

She looks beautiful but is it just me or is she looking a little thin? She looks like she’s lost some weight. Hopefully it’s just my eyes messing with me and she’s ok.

Audrey Says:
February 24th, 2009 at 11:41 am

The guy with her is Ryan Rottman, supposedly her new boyfriend.. but I don’t know that for sure.

I also thought she looks a bit thin in these pictures. I hope she isn’t having problems again.. she’s such a beautiful girl. After running this site for several years I’ve noticed that her weight is always changing.. so it might be nothing =)

Corissa Says:
February 24th, 2009 at 9:50 pm

I agree with the others. She is looking a bit thin.

Also when are those 4 “Vicious Kind” videos going to be on the site? I would love to get craps from them?

Ciara Says:
February 25th, 2009 at 2:48 pm

I absolutely love her in at the Diana von Furstenburg show.

Michelle Says:
February 26th, 2009 at 1:13 pm

She looks so amazing in all of the photos but my favorite is the von Furstenberg show!

Mimi Says:
March 1st, 2009 at 10:34 am

Hello! I heard that she has more pictures so I was thinking are you gonna upload them? Btw are you gonna upload last years photos where she was partying with Jessica Stroup? 🙂

Clothes Off Our Back Charity Says:
March 3rd, 2009 at 2:41 pm

Jewelry worn by Brittany Snow in The Heart Truth Red Dress fashion show is up for auction at clothesoffourback.org

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