Pictures of Brittany @ Sundance

The first pictures of Brittany at the Sundance Film Festival have surfaced! She looks soo cute in the pictures, previews and gallery link are below:

021 x 2009 Sundance Film Festival – Sundance ExpressJet – 1/16/09

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  1. posted pics of brit out at lunch with zac and vanessa yesterday.

    Also, I was wondering what program you use to make screencaps? I have my own websites and I made some screencaps with Paint and I named them in order but when I put them in my coppermine gallery they don’t stay in order.

  2. first i want to say I REALLY LIKE BRITTANY SNOW!! now I have a question have you seen the trailer of the vicious kind because I can’t find it and i live in Holland so I don’t know if the trailer is all ready done.

  3. OMG,,,she’s so cute in this new pictures…thank you so much for posting her pictures…I set as one of my bookmarks this site…I always visit here everyday to see new updates about Brittany=love her=….thanks again….keep it up…..=)

    and about michelle’s info on justjaredjr. yeah there are some photos of Brittany there with zanessa at katsuya,…she also looks cute there…while waiting for something..LOL…

  4. To Michelle: I use KMplayer to capture videos that I’ve downloaded from online. To capture streaming videos that I can’t download I’ll just use IrfanView and use the screen capture option on it. To make captures from DVDS I use PowerDVD. All those programs are free except for the PowerDVD. To have your captures in order make sure you are re-naming them something like 001, that way the 0 makes them all go in order.. so you can have 001, 020, and then finally 100 or 200 & they’ll still be in order because the 0 goes first.. I hope that made sense lol.

    To Marieke: As for as I know there isn’t a released trailer for The Vicious Kind as of yet.

  5. Hello!!=)..I just want to ask Audrey if you have Brittany Snow’s pictures when she’s still young??hmm,,maybe under 10years old..if you have, can you tell me where can I find it,and if you don’t have, its ok,I appreciate your effort doing this site..=).thanks..

  6. To Audrey: What about if I’m trying to make screencaps from youtube videos? I downloaded KMPlayer but I’m still confused. Is that when IrfanView comes into play? And I have PowerDVD on my laptop, it came with the computer. But I don’t get how to make screencaps with it. I’ve tried but it doesn’t work. And when I name them, this is how I did mine:

    S2_001, 002, 003, etc…then 010, 011, 012, 020, 030, 040…I did that all the way to 100. Then when I hit 100, I did, 0100, 0101, 0102, etc… and same with 200 – 0200, 0201, 0202.

    Haha I hope that makes sense 🙂 If it’s easier, you can email me @ michellelaumb[at]

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