“On the Doll” Caps, “The Vicious Kind” & Fox LA

Hello. This isn’t a very big update, but it’s some things that need to be added to the gallery. I’ve finally added DVD Captures of Brittany in the movie “On the Doll”. I also added some more stills/promos & trailer captures of Brittany’s movie “The Vicious Kind”. “The Vicious Kind” was actually released on DVD today, so I’ll have captures of the movie up soon! I also added some captures of Brittany on Fox LA back from December. Previews and gallery links are below:

Also, I noticed that Imdb.com has removed Brittany from “The Clock Tower”‘s cast list. That movie has pretty much been at a stand-still for a year and a half. So I’m not surprised that it seems as if Britt won’t be in it.

Gallery Links:
403 x Movie Productions > On the Doll > DVD Captures
005 x Movie Productions > The Vicious Kind > Promos/Stills
053 x Movie Productions > The Vicious Kind > Trailer
136 x Screen Captures > Talk Shows & Interviews > Fox LA – 12.11.09

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