Layouts and Pictures!

I’m REALLY sorry about the lack of updates. I was without internet for a long time =/ Anyhow, I made a new layout for the main site and the gallery, I hope you like them both! Brittany starred in the short film “Streak”, I’ve uploaded the video of it to our video archive so be sure to check that out! I’ve also added 333 captures of Brittany in the movie.

I’m so behind on pictures! I was behind before but now it’s even worse. For today I’ve added all of Brittany’s appearances from October, I’m working on adding the rest.

Gallery Links:
088 x Glamour Reel Moments – 10/14/08
079 x The New T-Mobile G1 Launch Party – 10/17/08
006 x Chateau Marmont Hotel – 10/19/08
004 x El Compadra Restaurant – 10/22/08
002 x 2008 Breeders’ Cup Winners Circle Gala – 10/23/08
005 x DKNY Men VIP Dinner and After Party – 10/24/08
011 x Sunset One Club – 10/27/08

Btw, on October 3rd this site turned 5 years old! Woo-hoo!! It’s half a decade old =) Thanks to all the fans who have visited over the years =)

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  1. Oh you’re back
    I thought you were closing the site.
    There were no updates for AGES!
    I thought you gave up on it.

    I’m glad its back though I love brittany snow and she deserves a good fansite

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