“Prom Night” #1 Movie

According to BoxOfficeMojo.com, “Prom Night” will take #1 this weekend in the box office, with an estimated $22.7 million. Congrats to Brittany on her first headlining movie doing so well!

I’ve been working on installing wordpress for the site, so that’ll be completely finished tomorrow and I will have a ton of new stuff added tomorrow as well. Keep checking back! Thanks =)

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  1. I saw Prom Night with Brittany Snow last Summer at the movies with my real Dad. I liked Prom Night with Brittany Snow. I have Prom Night The Theatrical and The Unrated versions on DVD. I have Prom Night the 2008 mopvie Soundtrack. In Prom Night I liked Donna, Richard Fenton, Lisa, Ronnie , Clarie and Bobby. Prom Night is my favorite Brittany Snow movie.

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