Some Pictures

I’ve added some high qualities from a few older events, as well as a couple of other things:

Gallery Links:
001 x Unknown Photoshoot + Plus 4 replaced with HQs
001 x Sweet 16 Magazine Cover – August 2006 – Anyone have scans of this?
017 x US Weekly’s Young Hollywood Hot 20
006 x T-Mobile Sidekick II Custom Series Launch Party
009 x 8th Annual ‘Cracked Xmas’ Benefit
016 x PETA’s 25th Anniversary Gala And Humanitarian Awards Show
002 x 2006 VH1 Rock Honors

New Layout + DVD Caps

New layout, I hope you like it! I’ve captured the “John Tucker Must Die” DVD:

Gallery Links:
0002 x “John Tucker Must Die” – DVD: Scans
0050 x “John Tucker Must Die” – DVD: Grrrl Power
0034 x “John Tucker Must Die” – DVD: Kodiak Yearbook
1682 x “John Tucker Must Die” – DVD: Movie Captures

New Gallery Layout

I hope everyone had a happy holiday season. A few days ago I put up a new layout @ the gallery, the site will have a new one soon too. I also added a couple of “Hairspray” promos from the official site. And, I’ll be adding “John Tucker Must Die” captures by the end of the week.

New Pics + New Movie

Hey there! A few days ago I added new pictures of Brittany attending The Trevor Projects Cracked Xmas 9. I also replaced the Popstar Magazine Outtakes with HQ versions thanks to Desi. And last month I added Allure Outtakes & replaced American Dreams episode3×07 What Dreams May Come with better quality captures. Sorry for not updating about those pics when I originally added them. I’ll be adding captures of Brittany in “John Tucker Must Die” soon. Also great news! Brittany is set to star in a new movie called “Finding Amanda”, you can read about it here! Our video archive was hacked, so I’ll be working on getting it back up. Also expect a new layout soon!

Some New Pictures

Long time no update… Sorry but there really hasn’t been much Brittany news or anything. Although, recently Brittany did attend 2 new events. Also the “John Tucker Must Die” DVD will be released on November 14th, you can preorder it by clicking on the link on the sidebar. I realized I hadn’t added affiliates since May… I’m so sorry about that, I’m terrible at adding affiliates. Anyway, I added all affiliates that applied in the months of September & October. And I added all the older affiliates that still had my button up. (I added a total of 21 sites) Sorry for taking forever. I added a few new things to the gallery:

007 x French Connection Fall Fashion Preview (New Event)
040 x Rock and Republic Spring 2007 Collection Party (New Event)
005 x 31st Annual Toronto International Film Festival (More Added)
003 x Leaving Her Hotel in NYC – 7/27/06 (Candids)

Btw, comments have been turned off for the time being due to spammers.

Edit: Oh yeah I almost forgot! turned 3 years old on October 3rd! 🙂

New Pictures!

Sorry for the lack of updates.. I started a new job, quit the job and I’m now looking for a new job. lol. Anyway, I added the following to the gallery:

Gallery Links:
025 x 31st Annual Toronto International Film Festival – 9/12/06
023 x 31st Annual Toronto International Film Festival – 9/10/06
014 x 31st Annual Toronto International Film Festival – 9/8/06
016 x “John Tucker Must Die” Photocall (High Quality)
003 x Hairspray Cast Kick Off Party – 8/22/06

I put up a new gallery layout not too long ago, I hope you like it. Also, according to this press release Brittany will be attending a new event tomorrow.

New Layout + Pictures

New layout! I hope you like it, the other one had been up forever. I’ve added more pictures from the “John Tucker Must Die” Photocall, sorry about the yucky tags on most of them. I also added a few old Teen magazine photoshoot outtakes. I’ve been working a new video section of the site, you can check it out here, it’s no where near done though.