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Golden Globes After Party

I’ve added pictures of Brittany attending the Instyle/Warner Bros. Golden Globe After Party. She looked pretty as usual. Previews and gallery link are below:

033 x InStyle/Warner Bros. Golden Globe After Party – 1/11/09

Brittany attends 2 new events

I’ve added pictures of Brittany attending 2 new events, the 3rd Annual Pre-Sundance Lounge & The Art of Elysium 2nd Annual “Heaven” Gala. She looked beautiful at both events! Previews and gallery links are below:

Gallery Links:
016 x 3rd Annual Pre-Sundance Lounge – 1/9/09
122 x The Art of Elysium 2nd Annual “Heaven” Gala – 1/10/09

Brittany on New Year’s Eve & Music Video

Hello, Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone had Happy Holidays! Brittany celebrated New Year’s Eve at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, I’ve added a few pictures of her there. I’ve also added some captures of Brittany in Plushgun’s music video “Just Impolite”, & the video of it here. And I’ve added some more great photoshoot pictures of Brittany shot by Tyler Shields.

Brittany is a brunette!

Hey guys I’ve added brand new pictures of Brittany attending the “Musicians Give Back” Charity Event from last night, and she has dyed her hair! I think she looks great! I hope to see more pictures of Brittany with her new hair color. Leave a comment and let everyone know what you think! 🙂

009 x “Musicians Give Back” Charity Event – 12/16/08

The Mentor Foundation

I’m a few days late on these, but I’ve added some new event pictures of Brittany:

017 x The Mentor Foundation Royal Gala Auction – 11/19/08

049 x The Mentor Foundation Presents The New York Inaugural Royal Gala – 11/20/08

8th Annual 24 Hour Plays on Broadway

Brittany attended the after party to the 8th Annual 24 Hour Plays on Broadway in New York yesterday. I’ve added a few pictures hopefully more will surface soon.

017 x 8th Annual 24 Hour Plays on Broadway After Party – 11/17/08

Teen Choice Awards

Not a very big update, I know.. but hey, at least it’s an update. I’ve added some pictures of Brittany at the Teen Choice Awards, more on the way.

Regis & Kelly, Conan O’Brien & TRL

Sorry for no updates! I’m working on a big update with all the recent event pictures of Brittany. But today, I’ve added captures & videos of Brittany’s appearances on “Live With Regis & Kelly”, “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” & “TRL”. I also changed the video archive a bit, it’s still streaming.. it’s just different now.. easier for me. Updates below:

Gallery Links:
209 x Live With Regis & Kelly – 6/16/08
296 x Late Night With Conan O’Brien – 6/17/08
192 x TRL – 6/19/08

Video Links:
| Live With Regis & Kelly – 6/16/08
| Late Night with Conan O’Brien – 6/17/08
| TRL – 6/19/08

“Finding Amanda”, New Pics, & Video Center

The trailer for Brittany’s movie “Finding Amanda” has been released. The movie will be out in theatres on June 27th (limited release). You can watch the video in our brand new streaming video center! I’m working on uploading more videos, but I hope everyone likes it.. it’ll make watching Brittany videos much easier. I also added some new pictures to the gallery:

Gallery Links:
072 x “Finding Amanda” Trailer
002 x Kevin Todd’s Birthday Party at Les Deux – 5/2/08
009 x Leaving Club One Oak in NY – 4/30/08

Brittany attends 3 new events

Hello! I’ve added some new pictures of Brittany, see below:

219 x 10th Annual Young Hollywood Awards – 4/27/08

292 x 2008 Tribeca Film Festival Premiere of “Finding Amanda” – 4/29/08

017 x Boost Mobile Film Lounge “Finding Amanda” Premiere Party – 4/29/08