Brittany Quotes

“I grew up doing all that stuff because I was obsessed with the ’50s. I had sock hops for birthday parties. So I’ve always done The Twist and stuff. It was pretty natural and, with my parents doing it all the time, I’d just copy them. Not very pretty.”

“I mean, I’m pretty good in real life, but sometimes people seem surprised that I’m like a normal teenager and wear black nail polish and I’m just a little bit more edgy than the person I play on television.”

“I never thought I was going to be able to drive. The first time I even went out and started driving, I hit a bus with my driver’s ed coach.”

“It’s really funny, because when I told all my friends I was doing this project with John Travolta and Queen Latifah, they were like, “Oh, that’s awesome,” but when I said I was going to be working with Zac Efron, they all went crazy and were like, “NO WAY!””

“When the Jed Foundation asked me to make an educational video, I thought that talking about my experience was a way I could help. After the video aired, it made me sad that people thought I did it for publicity. I did it because people are misinformed. I hope this is something that someone will carry in her pocket, maybe a girl who doesn’t understand what’s going on as she looks at pictures of celebrities getting skinnier and skinnier.”

“I always had it in my mind that being skinny was better, even as a little girl. But I was never chubby or overweight. At age 12, I was on The Guiding Light, and that forced me to grow up fast. I wanted to be accepted by all these adults I was working with. I started with the Eat Right for Your Type diet. A friend of mine was doing it. I have a perfectionist personality, so I wanted to do the best job that I could. It was almost fun for me, like a little experiment. Then I started with other diets. Once I started losing weight, I got compliments from people I looked up to on the show. Suddenly, I was addicted to getting results. That’s how it started, but it progressed rather quickly.”

“I’m an actress, and because of the way Hollywood is, I do have to watch what I eat. But nobody has told me I need to look a certain way, and that’s great. The eating disorder will always be a part of my life. Some days, I think I’d like to be a size 0, but realistically, I think, “Come on, Brit. You’re great.””

“My friends, my real friends, they didn’t care. They missed that I [wasn’t there]. But I think the others had some idea that it was tough for me. I tried not to talk about [work] too much, so they don’t know exactly how tough it was.”

“I want to go to college and study but I know that acting is what I want to do. I also want to someday direct, produce and be a fashion designer.”

“I fell on a brick when I was 2 and got 14 stitches . An agent said I’d never work with that scar, but I decided against plastic surgery, and I’ve grown to love it.”

“I love hanging out with my friends and seeing movies. I’m a huge movie buff. I love to run and I try to run everyday. I also do Tae Bo. I also like to shop and write. I like to design clothes as well.”

“I like comedies; they always put me in a good mood. I like horror, too. Sometimes I go out with my friends, we get popcorn, rent a horror movie, and just get scared to death!”

“Whenever I say that I’m a Pisces, everybody says, ‘Oh, that explains it!’ They say that I’m very emotional, sensitive, and creative and Pisces are supposed to be in the arts fields. It also says that I’m stupid in money matters, which I am. And I hate math.”

Character Quotes

“Personal Bubble Invasion” – Zoe Plummer (The Pacifier)

“Okay, let me guess. Does he always use pet names like “Baby” and “Sweetheart?” Yeah, it’s not out of affection, it’s so he won’t mix up your names. And he’s all about an unspoken bond or something special, but never about a relationship. And the whole arrangement was your idea, so you feel guilty that he cheated.” – Kate (John Tucker Must Die)

“This guy is cheating on all of you and instead of taking it out on him, you are beating the shit out of each other?” – Kate (John Tucker Must Die)

“He’s probably just in town for a layover and he’s just looking for someone to lay over.” – Kate (John Tucker Must Die)

“I wish it could just be simple, like a retro pop song, “I want you to want me.” Boom. End of story. We all live happily ever after. But it is never really like that, is it? ” – Kate (John Tucker Must Die)

“Right now, as we speak, your daughter has entered a hotbed of moral… turpentine.” – Amber von Tussel (Hairspray)

“Oh, and it’s totally not true about her and the entire football team. I mean, please: anybody can get grass stains all over their back.” – Amber von Tussel (Hairspray)

“Uh, I’m sorry… you think that she can dance? Well, maybe you’d rather have her as your partner. You could get sponsored by Goodyear!” – Amber von Tussel (Hairspray)

“You have to vote for a person! Not one of the Himalayas.” – Amber von Tussel (Hairspray)

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