Some Candids

I’m not sure how these pictures sneaked past me.. but I’ve added candids of Brittany in Toronto from the following dates: 11/15/06, 11/27/06, & 11/29/06.

Some Pictures

I’ve added some high qualities from a few older events, as well as a couple of other things:

Gallery Links:
001 x Unknown Photoshoot + Plus 4 replaced with HQs
001 x Sweet 16 Magazine Cover – August 2006 – Anyone have scans of this?
017 x US Weekly’s Young Hollywood Hot 20
006 x T-Mobile Sidekick II Custom Series Launch Party
009 x 8th Annual ‘Cracked Xmas’ Benefit
016 x PETA’s 25th Anniversary Gala And Humanitarian Awards Show
002 x 2006 VH1 Rock Honors

New Layout + DVD Caps

New layout, I hope you like it! I’ve captured the “John Tucker Must Die” DVD:

Gallery Links:
0002 x “John Tucker Must Die” – DVD: Scans
0050 x “John Tucker Must Die” – DVD: Grrrl Power
0034 x “John Tucker Must Die” – DVD: Kodiak Yearbook
1682 x “John Tucker Must Die” – DVD: Movie Captures

New Gallery Layout

I hope everyone had a happy holiday season. A few days ago I put up a new layout @ the gallery, the site will have a new one soon too. I also added a couple of “Hairspray” promos from the official site. And, I’ll be adding “John Tucker Must Die” captures by the end of the week.

New Pics + New Movie

Hey there! A few days ago I added new pictures of Brittany attending The Trevor Projects Cracked Xmas 9. I also replaced the Popstar Magazine Outtakes with HQ versions thanks to Desi. And last month I added Allure Outtakes & replaced American Dreams episode3×07 What Dreams May Come with better quality captures. Sorry for not updating about those pics when I originally added them. I’ll be adding captures of Brittany in “John Tucker Must Die” soon. Also great news! Brittany is set to star in a new movie called “Finding Amanda”, you can read about it here! Our video archive was hacked, so I’ll be working on getting it back up. Also expect a new layout soon!

Some New Pictures

Long time no update… Sorry but there really hasn’t been much Brittany news or anything. Although, recently Brittany did attend 2 new events. Also the “John Tucker Must Die” DVD will be released on November 14th, you can preorder it by clicking on the link on the sidebar. I realized I hadn’t added affiliates since May… I’m so sorry about that, I’m terrible at adding affiliates. Anyway, I added all affiliates that applied in the months of September & October. And I added all the older affiliates that still had my button up. (I added a total of 21 sites) Sorry for taking forever. I added a few new things to the gallery:

007 x French Connection Fall Fashion Preview (New Event)
040 x Rock and Republic Spring 2007 Collection Party (New Event)
005 x 31st Annual Toronto International Film Festival (More Added)
003 x Leaving Her Hotel in NYC – 7/27/06 (Candids)

Btw, comments have been turned off for the time being due to spammers.

Edit: Oh yeah I almost forgot! turned 3 years old on October 3rd! 🙂

New Pictures!

Sorry for the lack of updates.. I started a new job, quit the job and I’m now looking for a new job. lol. Anyway, I added the following to the gallery:

Gallery Links:
025 x 31st Annual Toronto International Film Festival – 9/12/06
023 x 31st Annual Toronto International Film Festival – 9/10/06
014 x 31st Annual Toronto International Film Festival – 9/8/06
016 x “John Tucker Must Die” Photocall (High Quality)
003 x Hairspray Cast Kick Off Party – 8/22/06

I put up a new gallery layout not too long ago, I hope you like it. Also, according to this press release Brittany will be attending a new event tomorrow.