Brittany in “Prom Night”

Brittany has gotten cast in a new movie:

“Brittany Snow (TVs ¡°American Dreams¡±, ¡°John Tucker Must Die¡±) has snagged the lead role in the remake of ¡°Prom Night¡±; reprising a role made famous by a young Jamie Lee Curtis.

According to Variety, the Sony project is being captained by Nelson McCormick, with Neil Moritz (¡°The Fast and the Furious¡±) occupying the producer¡¯s paddle.

The original film told of a dark secret amongst a group of children that comes back to haunt them in the form of a vengeful killer on their prom night. Can¡¯t see them tweaking the storyline too much¡­. Except maybe writing in a few more [pop] music cues.

¡°Prom Night¡± is one of merely a handful of classic horror films currently undergoing the remake treatment; others in the works include ¡°Silent Night, Deadly Night¡±, ¡°Terror Train¡±, ¡°Halloween¡± and ¡°Day of the Dead¡±.” (Source)

New Event Pictures

I’ve added new pictures of Brittany attending the Verizon Wireless/Rolling Stone Grammy Party & “The Number 23” Premiere.

A few outtakes

I’ve added a few new photoshoot outtakes from Brittany’s feature in Venice magazine.

New Candids

I’ve added a couple of pictures of Brittany @ a Club on the 20th.

Some New Pictures

I’ve added 5 more pictures of Brittany @ The W Magazine Pre-Golden Globe Party. I’ve also added some new pictures of Brittany @ the Access Hollywood “Stuff You Must…” Lounge.

New Event Pictures!

Brittany went to 2 new events last night, the Grand Opening of Sideways Restaurant and Lounge & The W Magazine Pre-Golden Globe Party. She looks stunning! Also, someone on my last update commented and said Brittany was on last night’s episode of The OC, can anyone confirm this? I don’t want to download the episode if she wasn’t on it.

New Hairspray Stills

I’ve added 3 new stills of Brittany in “Hairspray”. She looks awesome!