Lyric Culture Launch Party

Last week I added pictures of Brittany @ the Lyric Culture Launch Party and Fashion Show.

New Layout + New Pics

Sorry the updates have been kind of slow. I put up a new layout a week or so ago.. I’ve also added the following to the gallery:

Gallery Links:
004 x “Hairspray” – Promos/Stills
020 x “Hairspray” – Trailer Captures
094 x Hollywood Life Magazine’s 9th Annual Young Hollywood Awards
004 x Spec – Magazine Outtakes

Also, recently Brittany posted at message at her official site, so be sure to check it out!

New Pictures!

I’ve added some new pictures of Brittany attending the 18th Annual GLAAD Media Awards.

Sweet 16 Outtakes

I’ve added some gorgeous outtakes of Brittany from Sweet 16 Magazine.

Showest 2007

A few days ago Brittany attended the ShoWest 2007 “Hairspray” Presentation. I’ve added pictures of her @ the Performance, Green Room, & Photocall. She looks really pretty!

Brittany’s Birthday!

Yesterday was Brittany’s 21st Birthday, so Happy Birthday to her! I’ve added some pictures of her celebrating her birthday.

Some New Pictures

Thanks to Desi, I’ve added a picture of Brittany on the set of “Finding Amanda”. I also added a couple of pictures of Brittany @ an event called “The Diamond Information Center Celestial: A Diamond Affair 2007 Aquifer Suite”. And I’ve added a few new promos/stills of Brittany in “Hairspray”.