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New Event Pics + New Movie

Sorry I’m a few days late on these. Brittany attended the Directors Celebrate the Release of their film “The Last Run” and the Mobile TV Party To Celebrate The Launch of LG VX9400. I also added some candids of Brittany @ Parc Nightclub from the same night. Also, Brittany has been cast in a new movie called “Black Water Transit”, you can read about it here.

New Layout + New Pics

Sorry the updates have been kind of slow. I put up a new layout a week or so ago.. I’ve also added the following to the gallery:

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Also, recently Brittany posted at message at her official site, so be sure to check it out!

Showest 2007

A few days ago Brittany attended the ShoWest 2007 “Hairspray” Presentation. I’ve added pictures of her @ the Performance, Green Room, & Photocall. She looks really pretty!

Some New Pictures

Thanks to Desi, I’ve added a picture of Brittany on the set of “Finding Amanda”. I also added a couple of pictures of Brittany @ an event called “The Diamond Information Center Celestial: A Diamond Affair 2007 Aquifer Suite”. And I’ve added a few new promos/stills of Brittany in “Hairspray”.

Brittany in “Prom Night”

Brittany has gotten cast in a new movie:

“Brittany Snow (TVs ¡°American Dreams¡±, ¡°John Tucker Must Die¡±) has snagged the lead role in the remake of ¡°Prom Night¡±; reprising a role made famous by a young Jamie Lee Curtis.

According to Variety, the Sony project is being captained by Nelson McCormick, with Neil Moritz (¡°The Fast and the Furious¡±) occupying the producer¡¯s paddle.

The original film told of a dark secret amongst a group of children that comes back to haunt them in the form of a vengeful killer on their prom night. Can¡¯t see them tweaking the storyline too much¡­. Except maybe writing in a few more [pop] music cues.

¡°Prom Night¡± is one of merely a handful of classic horror films currently undergoing the remake treatment; others in the works include ¡°Silent Night, Deadly Night¡±, ¡°Terror Train¡±, ¡°Halloween¡± and ¡°Day of the Dead¡±.” (Source)

New Hairspray Stills

I’ve added 3 new stills of Brittany in “Hairspray”. She looks awesome!

New Layout + DVD Caps

New layout, I hope you like it! I’ve captured the “John Tucker Must Die” DVD:

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