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Brittany Cast in New Tv Pilot “Kindreds”

Yay! Looks like Brittany has been cast in a new pilot called “Kindreds” for NBC. You can read a bit about it below:

Brittany Snow has landed a lead on David E. Kelley’s NBC dramedy pilot “Kindreds”.

“Kindreds” follows a curmudgeonly former patent lawyer and her group of misfit associates at a storefront law firm. Snow, repped by ICM and Brillstein, will play her assistant and a key member of the firm.

Source: THR

New Event & Candids

Hey everyone, I added these pictures last week but never got around to updating about them. Brittany went to the Independent Spirit Awards also so I’ll be adding them later today. Previews and gallery links of what I added last week are below:

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Brittany joins cast of “A Misfits’ Christmas”

Looks like a new role for Brittany, read below:

A brand new Christmas film project has just landed a trio of teen stars. Moviehole is reporting that Kellan Lutz (Twilight), Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical) and Brittany Snow (Prom Night) have all joined the cast of A Misfits’ Christmas.

The film will serve as the directorial debut for writer Michael Tabb, who recently adapted the Russian novel Knights of the Forty Islands. Here’s how Tabb described the project to the site.

“[Misfits’] an escalating drama about eight friends who spend consecutive Christmas Eve’s together during their four years of college,” explains writer/director Tabb. “As we drop in on them annually, we watch the characters lose their innocence and form a dysfunctional family with interwoven relationships.

“Though their majors vary, what they have in common is a sense of humor, charisma, attractiveness, and nothing else better to do than spend Christmas with one another,” Tabb says of his characters. “These character arcs take place over four years, highlighted at their annual Christmas soirees at [Lutz’s character] Scott’s epic, rockin’ pad – his parents’ property investment that they are letting him live in while at college.”

While a production schedule for the film wasn’t revealed, it was said that the film would take place in Southern California.

Source: Movie Web

“On the Doll” Caps, “The Vicious Kind” & Fox LA

Hello. This isn’t a very big update, but it’s some things that need to be added to the gallery. I’ve finally added DVD Captures of Brittany in the movie “On the Doll”. I also added some more stills/promos & trailer captures of Brittany’s movie “The Vicious Kind”. “The Vicious Kind” was actually released on DVD today, so I’ll have captures of the movie up soon! I also added some captures of Brittany on Fox LA back from December. Previews and gallery links are below:

Also, I noticed that has removed Brittany from “The Clock Tower”‘s cast list. That movie has pretty much been at a stand-still for a year and a half. So I’m not surprised that it seems as if Britt won’t be in it.

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Gossip Girl spin-off is offically a no go

Put away all of the scrunchies and the neon spandex. It looks like the Gossip Girl 80s-inspired spin-off is officially not happening.

According to this roundup from The Ausiello Files the new show that was supposed to star Brittany Snow and Kristen Ritter has been canned by the CW and will not appear in the fall lineup.

There have been rumors swirling around for some time that the spin-off would not get picked up by the network, but several fans were holding out hope that it might make it to the screen.

We got a preview of what was supposed to be the pilot of the new show in the Gossip Girl episode “Valley Girls” which featured flashbacks from Lily’s past. Apparently even the full-out 80s wardrobe and an appearance by supergroup No Doubt couldn’t save this sinking ship.

We have to admit that we are a little bit bummed by this development. It looked like the show did have some potential and I really do like both Brittany Snow and Kristen Ritter. Well, at least we know that Gossip Girl will be back in the fall with all of our favorite characters.


I’m not all that upset, I know Brittany will do bigger & better things in her career. Brittany herself wasn’t sure about taking on this role because she wanted to focus on her film career rather than a television career.

“Gossip Girl” Captures

I’ve added captures from Brittany’s guest appearance on Gossip Girl last night. Videos to be added soon. I thought the episode was great! Brittany looked so pretty. What did everyone else think?? Previews and gallery link are below:

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“Gossip Girl” Preview

With Brittany’s episode of “Gossip Girl” being less than a week away there is now a preview for her episode. Watch below: