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“Gossip Girl” Promo & Episode Info

Brittany Snow looks a little spooked in this new promo shot from the CW’s Gossip Girl via SpoilerTV.

In the episode, Lily (Kelly Rutherford) contemplates Rufus’ (Matthew Settle) marriage proposal, periodic flashbacks from 20 years ago show a young Lily Rhodes (Snow) pursing a young Rufus. This makes Lily torn between leaving behind her posh and wealthy lifestyle in New York, and a prospective marriage proposal from the wealthy Keith van der Woodsen (Matt Barr), or choosing to live a life of lower classes with the penniless musician Rufus Humphrey.

“Valley Girls” airs Monday, May 11 @ 8PM ET/PT on The CW.


Brittany to star in “Walks”

Looks like Brittany will be in a new movie:

Brittany Snow is toplining indie drama “Walks” along with RZA, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Jessica Szohr and Rumer Willis.

Eric Amadio is directing from his own script, and is producing alongside Mike Warner, Jonathan Sachar and Patrick Durham. The film is a co-production between Final Cut Collective and Durham/Sachar Prods., and is being financed by Morningstar Films. Production will start in May in Gotham.

Taking place in the world of underground street art, the story centers on a circle of young New Yorkers coming together for the homecoming of a convicted graffiti artist.

Snow recently wrapped Tony Kaye’s “Black Water Transit” and the “Gossip Girl” spinoff pilot. She was recently seen in “Hairspray,” “Prom Night,” “Finding Amanda” and “The Vicious Kind,” which premiered at Sundance.”

Source: Variety


Hopefully this isn’t just a rumor.

Pssst…. Brittany Snow is returning to television!

In December, Star exclusively reported that a Gossip Girl spin-off was in the works focusing on Lily van der Woodsen’s scandalous teen years growing up in 1980s Los Angeles. Now we can be the first to tell you that the American Dreams actress has been cast in the lead role.

“Brittany is thrilled,” a friend of the actress tells Star. “She loves the original show and thinks the 1980’s concept sets the spin-off apart from other series on television. She can’t wait to wear all the fabulous outfits and really sink her teeth into the role.”

Brittany — who has also appeared in movies including Hairspray and John Tucker Must Die — was the top choice for producers, who thought she would be the perfect choice to for the part of young Lily, played on Gossip Girl by Kelly Rutherford. Although the deal has not yet been finalized, they made Brittany a terrific offer in early February without having her audition, reveals the friend.

“Brittany always thought she was going to continue her career in films,” continues the insider. “But this is a marvelous part and she just couldn’t say no. This has the potential to be a huge show in the tradition of Melrose Place.”

The pilot will air on May 11 as a Gossip Girl episode.

I’m soooo excited!! I was hoping Brittany would do another tv show. I loved her on American Dreams & I can’t wait to see her weekly on tv again! Go Britt!

Brittany Snow Can Act! – “Vicious Kind” Review

Every so often, we see a film at Sundance that shows us actors we had previously dismissed in a wondrous new light — like when 2007’s Smiley Face made us completely reconsider our opinion of Anna Faris. One of the main contenders for this year’s where-the-hell-did-that-performance-come-from? award is Brittany Snow — yes, the chick from Prom Night — who pretty much takes over Lee Toland Krieger’s twisted family drama The Vicious Kind, and never looks back.

The film is about a young man (Alex Frost) bringing his girlfriend (guess who) back home for Thanksgiving, and the chaos that erupts when his wiseass older brother (Adam Scott), reeling from a breakup of his own, becomes fascinated with her. As the raven-haired object of desire, Snow has to convey an impossible variety of impressions: Is she the conniving and adulterous vixen the older brother claims she is (and secretly wants her to be)? Or the angelic beauty the younger brother thinks he knows? And what does her character even think of all this attention? And yet, for all that, it’s a relatively understated performance: Snow manages to display all this range without ever seeming showy — we can see how one ordinary person can give off completely different vibes to different people. And we can’t take our eyes off her. Good job, Brittany Snow. Can you please stop making crap horror flicks now?

But we all already knew that Brittany can act =)

Brittany is a brunette!

Hey guys I’ve added brand new pictures of Brittany attending the “Musicians Give Back” Charity Event from last night, and she has dyed her hair! I think she looks great! I hope to see more pictures of Brittany with her new hair color. Leave a comment and let everyone know what you think! 🙂

009 x “Musicians Give Back” Charity Event – 12/16/08

“The Vicious Kind” to Premiere @ Sundance

Brittany’s movie “The Vicious Kind” will be premiering at the Sundance Film Festival. The festival begins January 15th and runs until January 25th. Hopefully Brittany will attend, this is the first time one of her movies will be at Sundance. =)


Weisz’s ‘Clock’ strikes Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow will star in Senator Entertainment’s vidgame adaptation “Clock Tower,” with Martin Weisz directing the production, which begins in November in Los Angeles.

Story centers on a troubled psychiatric patient who witnessed her parents die and is constantly plagued by religious imagery.

Senator is financing, with CEO Marco Weber and production head Vanessa Coifman producing.

Snow most recently starred in Screen Gems’ “Prom Night” and the indie “Finding Amanda.” She recently shot “Black Water Transit” and “The Vicious Kind.”

Source: Variety