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Love Is Louder & NOH8 Photoshoot + Ben and Kate Captures

Love Is Louder & NOH8 teamed up and did a photoshoot, those pictures have been added to the gallery as well as captures of Brittany on “Ben and Kate” episode 1×10 The Trip. Previews & gallery links are below:

0001.jpg 0002.jpg 0003.jpg 1x10_The_Trip_0005.jpg 1x10_The_Trip_0007.jpg 1x10_The_Trip_0019.jpg

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“Pitch Perfect” Trailer + Captures

The trailer for the new movie “Pitch Perfect” that Brittany is in has been released! The movie looks really good & I can already tell that I’m gonna love Brittany’s character! You can watch the trailer below & also click the thumbnails below to view screencaptures:

0012.jpg 0014.jpg 0025.jpg 0037.jpg 0042.jpg 0044.jpg

Gallery Link:
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“Janie Jones” Official Trailer

The official trailer for the movie “Janie Jones” has been released. Brittany isn’t in it much but you can watch it below & check out a few screencaps from it:

0001.jpg 0004.jpg 0007.jpg 0009.jpg 0011.jpg 0012.jpg

Gallery Link:
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Brittany as a Powerpuff Girl!

Brittany recently did a skit for College Humor’s Superhero Auditions: Powerpuff Girls. Check out the video below as well as some screencaps!!

0008.jpg 0032.jpg 0064.jpg 0066.jpg 0073.jpg 0077.jpg

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“The Vicious Kind” DVD Captures & Extras

I’m finally getting around to capturing Brittany’s movies that I’m missing in the gallery. I’ve started with “The Vicious Kind”, these captures have been sitting on my computer for over a year & I kept forgetting to add them! Next I’ll be capturing “Prom Night” & then “Finding Amanda” (both in blu ray). I’ll also be replacing “The Pacifier” captures with blu ray versions. “The Vicious Kind” isn’t on blu ray, so these are just regular DVD caps. I’ve added captures of the movie & the extras, previews & gallery links are below:

0070.jpg 0133.jpg 0207.jpg 0262.jpg 0334.jpg 0360.jpg 0426.jpg 0466.jpg 0537.jpg 0724.jpg 0023.jpg 0082.jpg

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