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Teen Choice Awards

Not a very big update, I know.. but hey, at least it’s an update. I’ve added some pictures of Brittany at the Teen Choice Awards, more on the way.

Regis & Kelly, Conan O’Brien & TRL

Sorry for no updates! I’m working on a big update with all the recent event pictures of Brittany. But today, I’ve added captures & videos of Brittany’s appearances on “Live With Regis & Kelly”, “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” & “TRL”. I also changed the video archive a bit, it’s still streaming.. it’s just different now.. easier for me. Updates below:

Gallery Links:
209 x Live With Regis & Kelly – 6/16/08
296 x Late Night With Conan O’Brien – 6/17/08
192 x TRL – 6/19/08

Video Links:
| Live With Regis & Kelly – 6/16/08
| Late Night with Conan O’Brien – 6/17/08
| TRL – 6/19/08

“Finding Amanda”, New Pics, & Video Center

The trailer for Brittany’s movie “Finding Amanda” has been released. The movie will be out in theatres on June 27th (limited release). You can watch the video in our brand new streaming video center! I’m working on uploading more videos, but I hope everyone likes it.. it’ll make watching Brittany videos much easier. I also added some new pictures to the gallery:

Gallery Links:
072 x “Finding Amanda” Trailer
002 x Kevin Todd’s Birthday Party at Les Deux – 5/2/08
009 x Leaving Club One Oak in NY – 4/30/08

Some Pics, Caps & a Video

Not a huge update but I added captures of Brittany on the Rachael Ray Show, you can download the video here. I also added pictures of Brittany on TRL, pics from the “Prom Night” Release Party, & a few candids.

Gallery Links:
171 x Rachael Ray Show Captures – 4/11/08
053 x TRL Stills – 4/10/08
027 x “Prom Night” Release Party – 4/10/08
003 x Outside MTV Studios for TRL – 4/10/08
004 x At “The Morning Show w/ Mike & Juliet” – 4/8/08

Scans & Photoshoots

I’ve added some scans of Brittany in the May issue of CosmoGirl, credit to I’ve also added some very pretty photoshoot pictures of Brittany and a few outtakes from Brittany in Vegas magazine.

Gallery Links:
005 x
CosmoGirl – May 2008
003 x Photoshoot – Set 06
007 x Vegas Magazine – Outtakes

Live with Regis & Kelly

I’ve added captures of Brittany’s appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly from this morning, you can also download the video here. Sorry the captures aren’t better quality, my local ABC is terrible quality. But Brittany looked so cute with her new haircut!

Prom Night Stills & Older Events

I’ve added 2 new “Prom Night” stills & some pictures of Brittany from some events that I hadn’t added to the gallery yet.

Gallery Links:
002 x “Prom Night” Stills
015 x Kari Feinstein’s Style Lounge – 9/14/07
020 x Freedom United Launch Party – 9/22/07
017 x Guess Store Opening at the Westfield Center – 10/2/07
070 x Victoria’s Secret “Pink My Pad” at University of Maryland Campus – 10/29/07
006 x DMK’s Carnival: Choreographer’s Ball – 1/31/08
004 x Gasparilla Film Festival – 3/3/08

Head’s Up: Brittany will be on Live with Regis & Kelly on April 7th and on Craig Ferguson on April 11th.